Alluriam Stone is a lightweight concrete based product , which displays the face texture of natural stone.

The Manufacturing Process: Individual pieces of natural stone are selected for their uniqueness. The stones are sliced to yield one flat side and one naturally textured side. Highly detailed molds are made from these patterns of natural stone.

Components of Alluriam Stone: Alluriam Stone is a mixture of Portland cement, natural and synthetic oxide color, and lightweight aggregate. Chemical additives are added to the mix to drastically reduce absorption of water by the finished product.


The primary advantage of Alluriam Stone is being light weight. Being lightweight allows stone to be used on places where natural stone is impossible or impractical to use such as on dormers and chimneys above roofline. It may be installed on a ceiling with proper additives in the sticking mix.

There are no height restrictions with Alluriam Stone. It has been proven that expansion joints are not necessary. However, the wall the stone is installed on must not settle at all. If settling occurs, there will be cracking both through the stone and around the stone. Alluriam Stone is certified by this manufacturer to be used below grade line.

Alluriam Stone requires no footers, no window lentils, and no brick pockets. However the stone will look more natural, especially over a fireplace opening if a flat black sheet metal lentil is used. The stone also will look more natural if a 2" brick pocket is used.


Unlike brick or built up from a footer natural stone, there is no gap between Alluriam Stone and the wall. Water which will seep between the mortar joints or opening between the stones has no where to go. Therefore, Alluriam Stone provides no waterproofing to either a framed wall or a concrete block wall and the wall must be waterproofed before the stone is applied.

Alluriam Stone works best when used in vertical applications where its primary advantage of being lightweight is utilized. Alluriam and other manufactured stones will be damaged to some degree is exposed to weather in a horizontal position. Our warranty is invalid if flat stone is placed horizontally in weather without an approved concrete sealer. We recommend the use of natural stone for flat applications. Though sealing is recommended, beveled and column caps weather fairly well as water exits the surface quickly.